Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: General

If you can’t find the email to set your password or if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it when logging into My Account. You will find the Lost Your Password? link there that you can use to reset your password.

This sometimes happens and in most cases this can be solved by one of the following methods:

  1. Please check for any errors in the email address or password.
  2. Sometimes it could be that the browser that is being used is causing the problem. Check access in another browser.
  3. Another reason could be Cookies and Cache. Clear them for this site. Follow your browser’s instruction to do so.

In most cases this is a problem with either the browser or the cache. 

Try resetting in another browser first. If that doesn’t help, flush the cache for this site. Check your browser’s instructions on how to flush your cache.

If after 10 minutes you still have not received anything, please check your Spam folder. 

If you are still not receiving any email, please contact us through the contact form on our website.

The currency is US dollars.

For all digital products – eBooks and courses – due to digital nature of the product, all sales are final. 

For physical books, please contact us through our contact page if there has been a problem with your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Course

You can enroll by going to the Course or Shop page and enroll or purchase the course. After payment you will have automatic access to the course.

Yes, you can earn a certificate which you can download from your Student Dashboard under My Account after successfully completing the course and the 27 quizzes in it. 

To receive the certificate, you must score 100% on each quiz. If you have completed every quiz successfully and have completed the course, the certificate will be generated automatically. The CE-hours are listed on the certificate.

You can do so by logging into My Account.

There are 28 modules, starting with a general introduction and an introduction to palliative care. These two modules are followed by 26 modules on the most common side effects.

The course accounts for 50 CE credits.

The course is accredited by:

  • College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC):
    • Category F: 14 hours
    • Category C: 36 hours
    • 50 hours total
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP):
    • General: 35 hours
    • Pharmacology: 13  hours (2 pain)
    • 50 hours total
  • College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO):
    • Category A: 15 hours
    • Category B: 20 hours
    • Pharmacology: 15 hours
    • 50 hours total

Other applications are pending.

Yes, this is possible. Please reach out via the contact form on our website to find out about the terms and conditions.

You will have 548 days (or  18 months) of access from the date of purchase.

As part of an upgraded Premium course plan, Dr. Gurdev Parmar and Dr. Kevin Sclater will host a 2-3 hour monthly Q&A where you can ask your questions.

Currently, we are not offering a payment plan.

For the course, there is no money-back guarantee as it is a digital product.

Please use the contact form on our website to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions: Books

The digital format of the eTextbook is MOBI and EPUB.

The digital format of the eTextbook is EPUB and MOBI, so check which format your eReader can handle. 

In most cases you can download eReader software for free to add to your tablet or eReader.

When it comes to ePub software for macOS/iOS operating systems, many consider iBooks or Apple Books to be the best option. You can read the books using iPad, iPhone, Mac, or online at, and you don’t even have to download it, as it’s already built-in with your device.

When it comes to Windows operating systems, Vivlio has proven to be an excellent software solution for enjoying books on Windows (also Mac and Linux computers). In addition to epub and PDF (without DRM), this software also supports epub3 fixed layout, and enriched formats.

When using an Android operating system, i.e. your tablet or smartphone, PocketBook Reader is widely used, and a highly recommended choice. This free app enables reading various e-content, including books, magazines, textbooks, comic books, etc.

You can read the book with the MOBI version on your Kindle devices, or on a device with the Kindle app installed. The Kindle apps don’t support EPUB file formats.

Every eReader has their own procedures for uploading a file, so please consult the eReader documentation for specifics.

The Algorithm Book is a companion to the course Advanced Integrative Oncology Palliative Care.

The shipping times are hard to predict as it depends on your location in the world and local services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions via our Contact page

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